Grandparents, second time around raising children”

Grandparents raising their grandchildren, with or without the help of the childrens’ parents, is a scenario of the new rising, silent epidemic.  

The reasons could be many – parents who are deployed to the military, mental illness, drug addition, low income, death of one or both parents – but in all cases grandparents step in and take responsibility for their grandchildren.  And the grandparents’ home is the only place the children know and feel safe.  

Grandparents are then financially responsible for the wellness of their grandchildren, often without much support from anyone outside of their own bank accounts.  To obtain any help from the state, the grandparents have to make a difficult decision to legally obtain custody away from their own children, a decision with profound and long lasting effects.  When that is not an option, the financial burden rests with the grandparents, and no one wants to our children and grandchildren to feel like a burden.

It does take a village to raise a child, the grandparents are part of that village, you are part of that village, we are all part of that village!"